Sunday, February 20, 2011

Watercolor Class Assignment

These pictures are from my Watercolor class last semester at APSU. The assignment was simple, in my sketchbook paint a tree line with a sunset over and over. Here are a few of them!

All of the above paintings are from fall 2010

Watercolor II Paintings

Here are a few of the paintings I did for my watercolor class last semester! I did them all from August to December 2010.

A reproduction painting I did for class, I don't remember the artist's name. Watercolor 2010

Another reproduction. Watercolor 2010

Purple Lake with moon, watercolor 2010

I did this at the very beginning of the semester. Purple Lake, Watercolor 2010

Another Jackson County inspired painting. The point, watercolor 2010

Florida Sunset, Watercolor 2010

Small Red Church, Watercolor 2010